Purpose & History

The Muscogee County Library Foundation began its work in 2003 – to ensure there would be adequate private support and funding to keep the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries a vibrant part of our community.

Why should you support our local libraries through the Muscogee County Library Foundation?

  • Libraries are more relevant than ever. MCLF helps provide Muscogee County libraries with programs ranging from Pre-K literacy, career training and assistance, parent workshops and dozens of other interesting programs.
  • Your contribution enables the Library Foundation to support more online services, more books, more materials, and more programs than ever. Tens of thousands of our residents utilize and enjoy the programs and the services of the library. Chattahoochee Valley Libraries lead the state in programming attendance per capita. The number of users increases significantly every year, in every category. Plus, for many residents, our libraries are their only FREE public access to computers and the Internet.
  • Your support of our libraries enables the Muscogee County libraries to be a transformational force in our community for all our residents. Our libraries support both personal and economic development. They influence job creation and community expansion that supports increased property values. They create a better quality of life for all of us providing an excellent return on investment for the community.