About Us

Our Mission and Vision

Service, Passion, Inclusion, and Community are the cornerstones of the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries (CVL), helping guide us in our vision to improve our community’s quality of life through reading and discovery. Located in West Georgia and anchored in the city of Columbus, we serve a diverse mix of urban and rural constituencies that respond positively to proactive community partnerships.

CVL consists of seven physical branches, two bookmobiles and two automated 24-hour library kiosks. It is owned and operated by the Muscogee County School District but has its own board of directors, with the members appointed by the School District Board. CVL receives additional funding from its rural service communities and from a private endowment dedicated to providing operational expenses. Libraries have been providing service in our community since the 1830s. Every day we live our mission to our community… to be Your Place, Your Partner, and Your Library.

Our Values

Service – We believe that enthusiastic, well-trained staff are essential to meeting community needs.

Passion – We seek to deliver our service with heart, and to share the joy of reading and discovery.

Inclusion – We want our community to feel welcome, and our staffing to reflect our community.

Community – We strive to know who we are here to serve, where we are needed most, and how we can provide access for all.