Wireless Printing

SmartALEC is the library’s new mobile printing service.  It allows you to send documents to print at the library from anywhere you have Internet access.  Your documents do not print until you come to the library to pay and release them.

Everyone must first register through First Time User. Enter an email or phone number to receive notifications from SmartAlec, including receipts, PIN’s, etc. If you do not have a barcode, you can use the pre-filled auto generated one.

Once registered, you can login to the web portal and upload jobs. Or you can login to the mobile app to upload jobs.

Your documents do not print until you come to the library to pay and release them. Prints cost 10 cents per black and white sheet and 50 cents per color sheet.

How Do I ?

1. From the Welcome Screen, click [First Time User].
2. On the next screen, enter a valid Email or Phone.
3. If email or phone number is not entered, message will display: You must enter valid email address or phone number.
4.  Enter your library card and pin here if you have one, otherwise the system will generate one for you to use.
5. Click Submit.
6. You have successfully created an account. Please log in.
7. Confirmation message will display when account is created:
8. The ID and PIN will be sent to you either via Email or Text message.
9. Make note of the ID. You can not login without this ID and PIN.
10. If incorrect information is entered, message will display: INVALID LOGIN ATTEMPT.  

  1. From the Account Info screen
  2. Click [Browse]
  3. Navigate to and double click the desired document.
  4. Return to the Account Info screen.
  5. Click [Upload].
  6. File uploaded successfully confirmation message will appear.
  7. The file will be added to the list.
  8. Click [Preview] to preview the document.
  9. Click [Delete] to remove document from the list.
  10. Go to a Print Release Station to release and print the document.

1. A SmartALEC app is available for smartphones or tablets at Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play App Store.
2. Before using the app create your account following the First Time User instructions above.
3. Follow the instructions provided by your app to print.