Blood Pressure Kits now available for checkout

Nearly half of all Americans have high blood pressure, and don’t even know it. Left undetected or uncontrolled, high blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Small changes can make a big difference, and taking your blood pressure daily from home is a proven way to monitor and control blood pressure in between regular doctor visits.

Through a new partnership with the local chapter of the American Heart Association, self-monitoring blood pressure kits are now available for check out at no cost to CVL library cardholders. Funding is provided by TSYS, Aflac, and St. Francis Emory Healthcare.

You can check out a Blood Pressure Kit at any of our branch locations!
Blood pressure kits check out for 30 days with one (1) possible automatic renewal.
Blood pressure kits must be returned to the branch location where they were checked out.

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Kits Include:
A clear tote
Electronic blood pressure monitor
Arm Cuff
AC Adapter
Self-Monitored Blood Pressure User’s Guide
Educational Materials | Log | List of Local Healthcare Providers

The blood pressure guide is yours to keep.  It includes: 
Tips on how to manage your blood pressure
Diagrams on how to check your blood pressure daily
Ways to manage blood pressure
Logs to keep track of your blood pressure readings
Local provider resources


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Manage Your Blood Pressure

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