GCI Classified Personnel Evaluation

Each classified employee shall be evaluated by his/her supervisor, department head or principal.  The evaluation should serve as a communication link between the employee and supervisor.  The evaluation process shall be thoroughly explained to each new employee by the supervisor at the time of employment.

Evaluation of classified personnel should be done on an annual basis prior to May 31.  The supervisor, principal, or department head shall arrive at a rating by comparing the individual employee's performance against the performance standards of the position.

Evaluation ratings are the responsibility of the immediate supervisor and must be reviewed by the immediate supervisor and employee through an employer-employee conference.  In this conference the supervisor must advise the employee of his/her future employment status.

After an evaluation has been accomplished and the counseling interview held, the employee must sign the form or certificate stating that the supervisor has shown the employee the rating, explained it and held a counseling interview concerning the performance.  This certification does not mean that the employee is satisfied or dissatisfied with the evaluation, but signifies that the employee has seen the evaluation and it has been explained by the supervisor.

The evaluation will be accomplished on an approved evaluation form provided by the Human Resources Department.



Original Adopted Date: 02/18/2003 Last Revised Date: 06/26/2017

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