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Vacation is earned at one (1) day per month effective January 1, 2004.  Twelve-month employees shall receive twelve (12) days vacation each calendar year.  After ten (10) years of cumulative twelve (12) month employment (not including military experience) with Muscogee County School District, a twelve (12) month employee may earn one (1) additional day every year until the maximum of twenty (20) days has been earned.  These additional days granted under the "cumulative employment" clause will be posted to your vacation credit in January of each year.

When an employee leaves Muscogee County School District, he/she will be paid for all vacation credits due at the time of termination.  Employees who are terminated for cause will not receive payment for vacation credit.

Vacation must have prior approval of the immediate supervisor before it is granted.


Vacation is granted to twelve-month employees to provide regular periods of rest and relaxation.  Employees are expected to take their vacation during the vacation year for which it is granted; however, unused days may be carried-over from one year to the next within the limits specified in a subsequent section.

The policy above and these rules apply only to administrative and clerical employees who work full-time, twelve months per year.

The twelve-month period from each January 1 through December 31 is designated as the "vacation year."

A "vacation account" will be maintained for each twelve-month employee.

The phrase "cumulative twelve month employment" in the policy is considered to mean consecutive years of twelve-month service.

To receive credit for a month of service under these rules the employee must have been employed on pay status for more than half of the working days in that month.

Building Vacation Credit

Vacation credit is earned by COMPLETING sixty (60) days of service.  Vacation credit will be granted as earned.

Vacation credit will be posted to the employee's vacation account as earned. 

Additional days granted under the "cumulative employment" clause are considered to begin during the vacation year in which the eleventh anniversary occurs if this anniversary occurs between January 1 and June 30, inclusive; and during the vacation year following the eleventh anniversary if this anniversary occurs after June 30.

Employees who are changing to twelve-month status may be advanced five (5) days vacation credit at the beginning of twelve-month status with the approval of the Superintendent or his designee

Using Vacation Credit

Vacation credits may be used at any time after they are earned.  Vacation schedules must be approved by the immediate supervisor.  An absence approval form should be used to request vacation time.  Employees with jobs closely related to instruction are encouraged to take vacation while school is not in session.

Vacation may be taken in increments of one hour or greater with approval of the supervisor; however, employees are encouraged to take vacation in one-week increments.  The vacation account will be reduced by the number of days taken, excluding holidays which fall during the vacation period.

Carrying Over

Beginning January 1, 2007, the maximum number of days to carry-over will be five (5) except for those days accrued prior to January 1, 2004. Vacation days accrued prior to January 1, 2004, may be carried over without regard to any maximum.

Vacation Pay Upon Termination of Employment

An employee who leaves the school district will be paid accumulated vacation credits.  Employees who are terminated for cause will not be paid for any accrued vacation credit.

Holidays and Other Time Off

The Board of Education has designated Martin Luther King, Jr., Day a holiday for all employees.  Certain other days are excluded from the work-year and scheduled as days off.  These are:  July 4th , Labor Day, Veterans Day, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day and the day following.  If July 4th falls on a weekend this day off will be observed on the Monday following.

Spring, Thanksgiving and Christmas Breaks

As a convenience to the employer, administrative offices of the school district are closed during the time that schools are closed for spring and winter breaks.  Employees in these offices are not required to come to work during these breaks unless there is essential work to perform which cannot be postponed.  Non-exempt employees in this category who are required to work during these breaks will receive compensation for the time worked in accordance with policy.  These breaks are not vacations and are not holidays, and may not be treated as such.  Except as noted below these days may not be accrued nor carried forward.

Since the Chattahoochee Valley Regional Library System and the Columbus Museum are not closed during the spring and winter breaks, employees in these facilities may be permitted, as a convenience to the employer and with the approval of the respective directors, to take these days at some other time.  Employees may take the alternate days for the spring and winter breaks not later than September 1st of the school year.

In addition these facilities may be open during some of the days off listed in the previous section.  In this case, these days off may be taken on alternate days designated by the respected directors so long as these alternate days are taken within one week of the actual day.



Original Adopted Date: 06/26/2017

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