GAEC Racial Harassment

Zero Tolerance for Racial Slurs

The Muscogee county Board of Education believes that all students can learn better in a safe school environment.  Behavior that infringes on the well-being of students will not be tolerated.  The Muscogee County School Board thereby adopts a prohibition against communication of racial slurs, either verbal or written, by all district employees in all classifications of employment.  This zero tolerance policy is defined as review for termination of employment.

This prohibition will not extend to the instructional and classroom use of historical or literary works which include racial slurs, but any teacher employing such instructional material must give prior notification to the school principal of the intent to use it and obtain acknowledgment that the material will be presented and discussed in order to establish an educational context for its use in the classroom.

Further, the prohibition against racial slurs extends beyond the classroom to every department and job description in the district; the prohibition is a system-wide, whole workplace, all-inclusive ban of racial slurs in the Muscogee County School District regardless of job, department, or intent.

Such prohibition shall be included in the Personnel Handbook for all District employees and be included in the Student Code of Conduct for all schools within the school system.



Original Adopted Date: 11/27/2017

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