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Chattahoochee Valley Libraries Operating Policies

CVL Organizational Chart GOV1
Bylaws of the CVL Board of Trustees GOV2
Hours, Locations, and Phone Numbers GOV3
Media Policies GOV4
Board Member Expense Reimbursement GOV5
Board Meeting Agendas GOV6
Collection Development Policy GOV7
Conflict of Interest GOV8
Use of Tobacco Products GOV9
Advertising, Promotions & Material GOV10
Acceptance Policy – Donations, Gifts, Grants and Property

Chattahoochee Valley Libraries Financial Policies



Customer Privacy MNG1
Statistics  MNG2
Reconsideration of Library Materials MNG3
Facilities Use  MNG4
Seasonal Exhibits and Displays MNG5
Alcoholic Beverages MNG6
Inclement Weather and Closing MNG7
Exhibits and Displays MNG8
Customer Service Policy  CUS1

Customer Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Consequences

Safe Child Policy CUS3
Staff Room Use CUS4
CVL Circulation Policy  CIR 1
Priorities for Reference Service  INF1
Interlibrary Loan Policy  INF2
Computer & Internet Use  INF3
Electronic Communications Policy  INF4
Photographs & Videos  INF5
Social Media Policy  INF6
Institutional Cards Policy  INF7
Volunteer Policy  GSV1
Volunteer Background Check Policy  GSV2
Programs  GSV3
Tours  GSV4
Film Showings  GSV5


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