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Mini Makers – Mindfulness and Meditation for Your Mini Humans

Mindfulness and meditation are just as beneficial for your little ones as they are for you, and right now, a heathy mindset can be more important than ever.

The Yoga Journal has tons of amazing, free content to help parents teach and practice kid-friendly breathing-as-mindfulness and yoga-as-meditation exercises. Our library staff explored the website to figure out what you need to know to bring these practices into your home and consolidated it for you here.

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5 Practical Tips for Parents New to Homeschooling

Many parents are involved in their children’s education now more than ever. Whether your little one is in first- or fifth-grade, here are our top tips for parents to help their little ones finish the school year strong.

1) Intervals! – Studies show that its best to avoid multitasking, so work with your little ones on individual subjects, such as math or reading, one at a time. Spend short periods of time on each subject throughout the day, breaking up the micro-lessons with other, non-school related activities, such as chores or playtime. This method of studying is proven to be more effective and can lead to higher retention rates.

2) Balance work and play! – As mentioned above, part of interval work is dispersing bits of play between school lessons. Not only will taking time between schoolwork for fun activities allow your kiddos much-needed brain breaks, which are important for retention and focus, but they will also allow your little ones space to wiggle out some energy and come back to their next lesson ready to work. This leads us to our next tip…

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