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All Chattahoochee Valley Library locations offer free WiFi access to patrons.

The same agreement and terms of use for the computers apply to WiFi use. (Refer to terms of use below).


The library system has over 300 public computers for customers to use. Computers are available for Internet searches, word processing, email, games and more.

Library cards are required for computer use. Individuals must use their own library card to access library computers.

Visitor computer passes are available for use by visitors who want to use a library computer and allow up to three hours of computer use per day. Any customer who uses a visitor computer pass is expected to abide by the Library’s Computer/Internet Use Policy and the Library’s Code of Conduct Policy.Parents of children under 18 must give written permission for their children to use the computers. Parents are responsible for monitoring their children’s use of the Internet and for the information accessed by their children.  The library strongly recommends that parents supervise their children’s Internet use.

If no parental signature is on file, children under the age of eighteen may not purchase a visitor computer pass unless their parent, guardian, guarantor is present to give consent.

Printing from computers

Black & white printing is $0.10 per page
Color printing is $0.50 per page.


Copy machines are available at all locations. Copies are 10 cents each. This is determined by the local library board. It is 10 cents in all counties except Marion County where it is 20 cents each.

Microfilm/Microfiche Readers

Readers are available at The Columbus Public Library in the Genealogy and Local History Department.

Terms of Use

When using computers at the Library, you agree NOT to:

  • Use computers for illegal activity
  • Download software from the Internet or use personal software
  • View DVD’s
  • Access sites that promote obscenity and child pornography

Please Remember:
Chattahoochee Valley Libraries has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content. The Internet is a global entity with a highly diverse user population and Library customers use it at their own risk.

You may only use the computers/Internet up to three (3) hours per day.

Library staff cannot provide in-depth training concerning the Internet. We will attempt to offer searching suggestions and answer the very basic questions.

The Internet is not regulated; there is no guarantee that sites viewed are private or secure.

Public use computers may be accessed with a Library Card or by purchasing a guest card for those people who are not registered users. You will sign in and out for computer use.

Especially for Parents:
The Library has filters in place to block sexually explicit or extremely violent websites from being accessed, but no filter is 100% effective.

Parents of children under 18 must give permission for their children to use the Library’s computers (on the Library Card Registration Form).

Parents are responsible for supervising their children’s use of the Library’s computers.

Parents and children are strongly urged to read “Child Safety on the Internet” and “Teen Safety on the Internet Highway” together. Both of these articles are available online at www.safekids.com.


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