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Download five free songs a week (that you get to keep!) from the Sony Music Entertainment Digital Catalog with your library card.

Pandora is an online radio that is part of the Music Genome Project. You can pick an artist or song and listen to an online radio station that plays your favorite style.

Spotify is a social internet radio that allows you to create your own personalized station to suit your likes in music. You can also view and listen to what your friends, artists and celebrities like.

Free Online Radio Stations:
TuneIn Radio
AOL Radio
Yahoo Radio


These free game sites are some of the largest collections of new and up-to-date action, adventure, puzzle and flash games. Just pick one and find your favorites or browse them all. It’s sure to keep you busy for hours!

Pogo Games
Teen Free Arcade

If you’re interested in online role playing games try these:

Runescape is a world unto its own, that allows users to travel through the realm of Gielinor on quests, adventures or combat. Users create their own personalized avatars and can interact with each other.

Gaia Online
For teens interested in role-playing with a more anime like twist, Gaia is the place to find it. Users can create customized avatars and virtual homes, chat in forums with other users, play games to gain items and much more.

If you have your phone, you have the Library! It is now easier to access the Library catalog, your account and great online resources. Click the icons above or scan the QR to download now!

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