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Recording Studio

A state-of-the-art recording studio, designed under guidelines of the Library of Congress National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped and purchased with funds from the Country’s Barbecue Midnight Express Run, is now recording printed materials for blind and visually impaired residents of Georgia. Our locally recorded programming is produced and broadcast statewide by the Georgia Radio Reading Service (GaRRS) intended exclusively for listeners who are blind, visually impaired, or print disabled. Programs are free and are available to users 24 hours a day-7 days a week. Listeners can listen online, through an app, over the phone, or tune in using a free radio receiver provided by GaRRS.


Volunteer Opportunities:

Programming would not be possible without our dedicated volunteers. Local volunteer readers are needed to record local information, popular books, and an array of magazines and quality-of-life programming.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. How often can I volunteer?

Each volunteer controls his or her own schedule, but we encourage readers to volunteer at least once a week to meet the needs of the program.

2. What is the volunteer reader audition process?

In addition to the application and interview with the Volunteer Coordinator, readers must successfully complete an audio reading audition which takes about

30 minutes. The audition includes a 100-word pronunciation test, a short newspaper article, and a short fictional excerpt. The audition is a recorded exercise and takes place at our studio.

3. How can I prepare for the audition?

The audition is a “cold” reading, so good sight reading and pronunciation skills are important.

4. When will I be notified of the results of my audition?

The audition will be evaluated shortly after completion; applicants will be notified regarding the results of the audition as soon as possible. Applicants may be asked to re-take the audition at a later date or may be referred to other volunteer opportunities within the library system.

5. Is training provided?

Yes, after the audition process, the Volunteer Coordinator will train readers on proper reading techniques and how to operate studio equipment and recording software.

6. What will I read?

Assignment of reading material is determined by the volunteer and the Volunteer Coordinator. Assignments are based on the volunteer’s interests, reading skills and schedule, and by the needs of the program. Volunteers are not required to read anything that is personally offensive to them.

7. How long does it take to record one program?

We schedule two hours of recording booth time for each 58-minute finished product. New readers may take the full two hours to complete the reading, but as readers record longer, the recording time is usually around one and a half hours for a 58-minute program.

Contact Us :

For more information about our recording studio or other volunteer opportunities, contact the Volunteer Department at 706-243-2674 or via email at cvlvolunteer@cvlga.org.

You may register here to become a GaRRS listener.


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