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Resources for Educators

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Class Visits to the Library

We love visits from your class! We can do story times based on a variety of different themes – just tell us what you need. We also offer tours of the Library. Please contact the Library branch you would like to visit and ask for the Children’s Department.

Librarian Visits to Your School

We love to visit schools! We can do story times based on a variety of different themes – just tell us what you need. We can also teach classes to older elementary students on how to research the Library’s materials and how to use the Dewey Decimal System. Please contact the Children’s Department from your preferred Library branch for more information.

Books on Hold

Teachers needing public library books to use during class can call or email us with as little as 48 hours notice. We will pull books on the subject you request, and hold them for 48 hours until you are able to pick them up and check them out. Normal check-out periods apply. Please call the Library branch from which you wish to pick up the books.


Access Video on Demand Just for Kids

This kid friendly collection includes more than 7,700 clips from more than 3,700 fund and informative video and audio titles on tops ranging from music and arts, to math and science.  Change the way you help your early learner research and grow with this educational tool.

Galileo Kids

Offers kid-friendly databases on anything from astronauts to Zimbabwe. Also included is the Digital Library of Georgia, while not specific to children, does offer a wealth of information about the state of Georgia. To use the service on computers outside the Library, you must have the latest password. If you have an active Library Card, you may call or email the Library for the password.

World Almanac for Kids  

 A reliable resource for student reference that is a natural complement to the middle school curriculum with providing resources for homework, reports, and projects. Kids can explore age-appropriate topics while developing online research skills with trusted content.

World Almanac for Kids Elementary   

A brand new kid-friendly reference source for Elementary grades.  Excellent resources for student reports and research with up-to-date articles, entertaining videos,  fun facts, Teacher resources and more!

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