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Library Card Applications

To register for a Library Card, you can download an application and bring the completed form to a library branch. You must bring a photo ID and proof of residency to the Library to obtain your Library Card. Download an Application: Library Card Application – (PDF) Registro de Tarjeta de Biblioteca – (PDF) Adobe Reader is required to view and print applications. Applications can be obtained at all locations of the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries.

Only interested in CVL’s ebooks and audiobooks? Consider signing up for an e-card to access all the digital offerings we have to offer. Residents of Muscogee, Chattahoochee, Marion and Stewart ages 18 or older are eligible to apply. 

Library Card Frequently Asked Questions

Who can get a Library Card?

Those who meet one of the following requirements may receive a free Library Card:

  • Resides in one of the four service counties – Muscogee, Chattahoochee, Marion or Stewart County.
  • Owns property and pays property taxes in one of the four counties.
  • Owns a business with a physical address in one of the four counties.
  • Is a student at a college or university in one of the four counties.
  • Teachers who teach in the four-county region, but who live outside of the service area.

Those who live outside of the four county service area may purchase an annual Non-Resident Library Card for $35.00.

Those without a fixed address can qualify for a Homeless Resource Network (HRN) card. Please see staff for more details.

Certain types of institutions can qualify for an Institutional card.  Please see staff for more details.

If you do not currently have a library card and only wish to use CVL’s digital colleciton, please sign up for an ecard.

What identification do I need to present to get a Library Card?

Customers need to provide a valid photo ID and verification of residency within our four county service area to receive a Library Card. Proper forms of ID include: Driver’s License, State Identification card, Military ID or Passport. Items for verification of residency include checkbook, rental agreement (in your name), business mail (addressed to you) or utility bill (addressed to you). Property and business owners may present the most recent tax bill or business license as their proof of residency. College and university students should present a current and valid ID from their school. Personal letters are not accepted as proper verification of address.

How do I renew my library card?

To renew your library card, visit any of our branches. Click here for more info.

I’m under eighteen; can I get a Library Card?

If you are under the age of eighteen you are required to have the signature of your parent, guarantor or legal guardian before you can have a Library Card.

Where can I use my Library Card?

Your Library Card can be used throughout the four county system. All Library Cards are renewed every two years.

Can I loan my card to friends or family?

You must control the use of your card. You are responsible for all items charged to the card, even if the card was used by someone else.

Can I use my Library Card to access a computer?

Library Cards are required for computer use. You must use your own Library Card to access Library computers.

What if my Library Card is lost or stolen?

If your Library Card is lost or stolen, report it immediately. You are responsible for all materials checked out on your Library Card until it is reported lost or stolen. Library card replacements are free. Identification is required to obtain a replacement card.

I’m visiting the area, can I use the Library?

Library visitors who do not live in our service area may purchase a visitor card for $35.00. The card allows full access to Library materials and services for a period of one year.

I’m visiting the area, can I use a computer?

Visitor Computer Passes are FREE and can be obtained at any Library. They are intended for use by visitors who need short-term access to computers. Visitor Computer Passes are valid for the day of use. Children under the age of eighteen may not  a obtain a visitor Computer Pass unless their parent, guardian or guarantor is present to give consent.

How are overdue materials handled?

We are now Fines Free!  The Library keeps a record of lost materials, and you will be notified about materials not returned. CVL offers various options for notifications, including email, text, mail or telephone.  Please speak to a staff member to verify your notification method and contact information.

  • We no longer charge fines for materials returned late.
  • Accounts with a lost or unreturned item will be blocked from using computers or borrowing materials.
  • The Chattahoochee Valley Libraries employ a collection agency, Unique Management, to recover lost materials. CVL assesses a $15.00 fee to any account sent to collections.

What if I lose or damage an item?

Customers are required to pay for lost or damaged materials checked out on their Library Card. Customers are charged the retail price of a lost or damaged item.

Is there a limit to the number of items I can have checked out?

There is a maximum checkout of 40 physical items on your card at any given time. Physical items can be checked out in any combination as noted below:

  • 40 Total Items
  • Limit 8 DVDs
  • Limit 2 STEAM kits or Launchpads

The loan period for most items is 14 days.  DVDs, STEAM kits, Launchpads, and Passes check out for 7 days.  An item may be renewed if there is no one else waiting on that item.

All library card holders have access to CVL’s digital collection. Please visit cvlga.org/download-it for more information.

What do the different borrower types mean?

  • Adult – Users ages 18 and older with full access to print and non-print collections.
  • Youth 1 – Users under the age of 18 with full access to print and non-print collections. Parent, legal guardian or guarantor permits access.
  • Youth 2 – Users under the age of 18 with access to only Children’s and Young Adult material. Parent, legal guardian or guarantor permits access.
  • Visitor – Non-residents may purchase a visitor card for $35.00 per year. The visitor card allows full access to Library materials and services.

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